Times Square Trouble

Time Square Trouble, book by author Charles Kipps

Gun and guitar packing Detective Conor Bard is back in action when a young female from out-of-town is found stabbed to death in Times Square. The New York City Mayor issues a mandate to the NYPD: find her killer before tourists start fleeing Manhattan.

As Conor and his partner, Rosita Rubio, begin the investigation the list of potential suspects grows rapidly. Was it the victim’s ex-boyfriend who had just been unceremoniously dumped? The hedge fund executive with a record of date rape? The bouncer at the trendy club where the victim was last seen alive?

Or maybe the creepy club customer with a history of domestic violence. Of course, it also could have been a random act committed by one of the many predators that prowl the Crossroads of the World.

While the City is anxious to see the case solved, Conor has his own sense of urgency. His quest for recognition as a singer has led him to the doorstep of the biggest break of his career — an appearance at a major music venue where a high level record company executive is expected to attend. The performance is just a week away. Can Conor apprehend a murderer and also prepare for the show before he takes the stage? Or will he blow the chance of a lifetime because of the job?

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